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About Us

About Us

About Us

Why We Are Different?

Bluethroat Immigration Consulting is an entity that started as a passion to guide and assist people willing to migrate to Canada to support their personal goals; be it a family reunification, pursuing quality education or better economic perspectives. We realize that immigration is an exciting chapter in one’s life but the whole process can be over whelming, if not done the right way. Therefore, we came up with the idea of Bluethroat immigration, offering professional immigration services to make the entire journey hassle free. Our team supports with submitting applications for immigration programs, finding schools & courses, scholarships for individuals. We place our clients’ needs, budget, and professional goals before our profitability goals. That is why our clients believe in us and trust us to help realize their goals.

The CEO of Bluethroat Immigration Consulting, Seemal Usman is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) with registration #R709983. She was a corporate executive and had enjoyed the highest level of success in her career serving in different regions. She is aware of the challenges the immigrants face during their application and settlement stages and her objective is to make immigrant’s life easier by focused guidance and professional help in majority of the settlement related activities.

We are there for you


Immigration application is a complicated process and lack of knowledge or guidance can make it even more cumbersome.  Our licensed expert can help you navigate through this and make it simpler for you by

  • Choosing the “most suitable” option according to your profile
  • Saving your time, cost, and effort by leveraging their knowledge and expertise
  • Presenting your case in an organized way with attention to detail for smooth processing
  • Maintaining smooth communication with CIC using professional and relevant language



We conduct our business with the utmost ethical standards and in harmony with our Code of Ethics. Our team demonstrates high integrity while dealing with clients and is open to how we can support them and set the right expectation from the very beginning.


We demonstrate commitment to our clients by leverage knowledge, time and efforts to find creative solutions to complex immigration cases. We ensure to take ownership right from the beginning all the way till the end of the process.

Customer Centric Approach

We believe in investing time to know our clients better, understand their needs and respect their values and personal priorities. We strive to be courteous and professional in all our dealings and aim to maintain long-term client relationship.

Continuous Learning

Knowledge of immigration laws and regulation is an invaluable asset. At Bluethroat immigration, we constantly strive to upgrade ourself with new knowledge and skills in immigration practice to deliver most suitable services to our clients.



Our vision is to build a global brand serving communities across the world to realize their dreams for better life for themselves and their families while constantly raising the bar for ethical practise in the field.

Our mission is to partner with our clients to effectively navigate through their immigration journey to help them uplift their circumstances and explore better prospects.

  • We carry out our business by maintaining a strong focus on our values, Integrity, Commitment, Client Centric and Continuous
  • We put our clients first, invest time to know them better and treat them with utmost respect
  • We strive to be candid, honest, and professional in all our dealings and set the right expectations from the beginning
  • We are committed to highest ethical, standards in our business, which is integrated in our day-to-day operations
  • We keep ourselves up to date with latest immigration information, enabling us to provide the highest quality Canadian Immigration services to our clients