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Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship

Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship

The Parents and Grandparents Program allows Canadian citizens and permanent residents outside Quebec to sponsor their parents and/or grandparents to become permanent residents of Canada.

 In case of divorce, you’ll need to submit separate applications if you sponsor divorced parents and grandparents. If your divorced parents or grandparents have a current spouse, common-law partner or a conjugal partner, these people become dependants on the application and can immigrate to Canada with your parents and grandparents, if approved. In the application, you can include your brothers and sisters, or half brothers and sisters, or stepbrothers and stepsisters only if they qualify as dependent children.

You must meet the income requirements for all the people you want to sponsor and their dependants (spouse, partner and children).

Parents and Grandparents Program: Process

Citizens and permanent residents must submit an Interest to Sponsor form, before being placed in a pool. IRCC makes random draws from the pool and issues Invitations to Apply. If you’re invited to apply, there are 2 applications that are submitted and reviewed for the parents and grandparents’ program i.e. the sponsorship application and the permanent residence application.
If both applications are approved, you’ll sign an agreement called an undertaking that starts on the day the person you’re sponsoring (and their family members, if this applies) becomes a permanent resident of Canada.