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October 4, 2022

In the realm of technology, Toronto and Vancouver have quickly become North America’s hottest spot

The world is going faster in technology as there are more requirements that need to be considered from North America. The jobs in the technology sector are increasing faster in Toronto and Vancouver than just the local labour force can provide. As it is creating a fertile environment for immigrants from outside. Although compared to New York City proper, Boston, Washington, DC, Toronto, Vancouver, and Seattle are giving far more employment than tech degree graduates according to CBRE Research, generating more graduates than jobs.

As though we needed more evidence, a recent analysis from CBRE ranks Toronto’s tech ecosystem as one of the top three in all of North America. CBRE’s yearly basis Scoring Tech Talent report outlines the industry’s job-growth patterns even with the economic changes and greater remote recruiting and ranks the top 75 tech cities in North America.

It is also found that employers that are interested in hiring a foreign national may take advantage of the international talent and labour that is available to them (IMP).

Employers also have the ability to bring up foreign nationals to fill open jobs through a program called Express Entry. This program accepts immigration applications online and processes them quickly.

Toronto Giant Leader in Technology

We have also observed that Toronto remains the leader in Canada when it comes to the development of IT talent, even if Vancouver, as well as Calgary, are also some of the country’s top cities in this regard. Toronto is now higher on the list than New York City.

It should come as no surprise that we believe Toronto is among the most searched cities just on the continent in terms of talent, given the number of multinational technology businesses that are establishing shops, hiring personnel, and extending their presence in the city of Toronto.

Additionally, Toronto came in first place for having the most significant nett gains in tech talent from the year 2016, with a total of 88,900 new tech positions being created and filled during that time period. Since the last study, Vancouver and Edmonton have had the most significant increases in population. Vancouver increased by 3 points and also has placed in 8th position in the 2022 rating, while Edmonton also rose by three points reaching 35th place.

Technology behemoths from the United States, including Google, Amazon, and Meta, are expanding their operations and the number of employees based in Canada. For instance, Meta has said that it intends to employ up to 2,500 workers, while Google has stated that it intends to treble the size of its staff in Canada. This is in contrast to the employment growth that has been seen in recent years in the technology sector in Canada. Workers from the United States are relocating to Canada in search of employment, and foreign professionals who previously may have considered applying for an H-1B visa are now focusing their attention on the Global Talent Stream in the hopes of gaining employment in Canada. Workers in the technological sector are searching for employment, but they will also find an improvement in their quality of life in Canada. The nicest thing about Canada is that it has a well-deserved image for being welcoming to immigrants, and citizens and permanent residents of the country are entitled to free comprehensive healthcare. A recent survey conducted throughout the globe revealed that Canada is regarded as the nation that provides the most welcoming environment for newcomers.

Upgraded Technology in the city of Vancouver

Vancouver, Canada’s largest city, is a beautiful and popular travel destination. The Economist Intelligence ranked Vancouver the most liveable city every year from 2004 through 2010. Vancouver is a large, diverse, and attractive city that has become a haven for the IT sector, a powerhouse for the movie industry, and a cultural epicentre. Vancouver’s people have a reputation because of being exceedingly welcoming of diverse cultures. This might be because of the city’s diverse population; in fact, the most current census data (2011) shows that just 48% of Vancouverites list English as their first language. An estimated one in five citizens can’t communicate in either French or English.

According to the CBRE’s 2021 Scoring Technical Talent report, Vancouver was ranked 11th in North America. This was largely attributable to the city’s internationally renowned post-secondary institutions. Furthermore, Vancouver is ranked 4th among ‘brain gain’ cities, having attracted 11,256 people over the course of the past half-decade. This suggests that the city’s technology industry is respected.

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