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October 14, 2022

Canada Start-Up Visa Program Sees Record-Breaking First Half Of 2022

If you compare Canada to other industrialized countries, you’ll find that its immigration rate is among the highest. Over 310,000 people will immigrate to Canada in 2018. Some 57% of such immigrants will bring with them marketable skills.

There is a widespread perception that Canada is a welcoming country that also provides a secure environment in which families may thrive. It ranks among the top three most popular nations in the whole world and is rated number one for life quality. Around 1.2 billion people call Canada home, making it the second-most populous nation in the world while having the second-smallest land mass. The reputation that Canada has earned over the years as one of the nicest countries in the world is well deserved. In addition to this, it is widely acknowledged as being among the most secure residential areas in the world. You won’t really have to seek very hard to find the positive aspects of relocating to Canada or becoming a permanent resident there if you make the decision to do so.

We have found that most of the applicants in the year 2022 are approaching Canada where they will be granted permission to expand the company in Canada. If the SUV application you submitted is in the hands of the appropriate individuals and also if all of the conditions are met, and if the requisite evidence is delivered then there will be high chances to approach the Visa program. According to the IRCC, the SUV program has an overall start-up Canada visa success rate that is more than 75%.

We have also found that Canada they have ambitious new immigration goals, including the arrival of over 450 thousand permanent residents that year.

By 2024, over a million individuals from every corner of the globe will call Canada home. More than half of the new permanent residents will come via the immigration streams designed to welcome international students, who are a primary emphasis in the new objectives. After a period of declining enrolment due to the pandemic, Canada’s higher education sector is seeing a spike in applications from overseas students.

Canada Immigration creating the Boost

Canada is increasing the number of permanent residents it accepts each year, which is good news for foreign students studying in Canada since it means they will have a greater chance of staying in the country once they finish their degrees. According to the 2022–2024 Immigration Levels Plan, the Canadian government aims to accept a total of 431,645 legal residents for 2022, 447,055 in 2023, then 451,000 in 2024. As far as immigration to Canada is concerned, these goals are unprecedented. More than 405,000 individuals from all around the globe were accepted as permanent residents in Canada in 2021, an all-time record for a single year.

The “Federal High Skilled” category, which allows applications from overseas graduates of Canadian universities, will be the primary driver of the expected rise. A total of 111,500 more parking spots will become available in that group by the year 2024, up from the current 55,900. The Federal Skilled Program, as well as the Canadian Experience Class, are already in use for overseas graduates and will contribute to the growth of these programmes.

Reasons for Start-Up Visa Programs in Canada 2022

The job market in Canada

The government of Canada emphasises the need of attracting employees from other countries to the country in order to keep the country’s economy growing and to fill skill gaps that exist in a variety of different sectors. The defiance that Canada takes towards immigration is not anything brand new; nonetheless, the situation of the rest of the globe has altered significantly over the previous two years. Even when unemployment rates climb higher in other countries, Canada’s job market remains mostly untouched. Therefore, ex-pats who possess the skills and expertise to back them up will discover that the economic environment in Canada might possibly be more inviting than the current economy in those countries that were most impacted by the global crisis.

A further point of interest in Canada is a healthcare

When compared to the premiums paid by Americans, Canada’s income, sales, and corporate taxes provide a significantly more affordable health care system. Among thousands of Americans, in the United States under Obamacare, it’s a matter of “pay or dies” if they don’t have health insurance. There is no dearth of employment opportunities in Canada; nevertheless, the country’s healthcare system is both reasonably priced and of a very good standard. When it relates to making life in Canada as enticing as possible for immigrants already here, both the nation and the government are undoubtedly serious about their efforts.

Canada is a diverse multi-cultural

Over the years, Canada has served as a home to many immigrants. Moving to Canada, where the population is quite diverse, means joining a group that is already used to communicating and mingling with people from other countries, which may make a huge difference in adjusting to your new home.

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